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Healthcare faces what may be its most crucial, strategic pivot yet. New skills sets are needed to keep pace with technology. At the same time most surveys rank “talent” as a top 3 concern for CEOs. While it is important to have talented technology leaders, it is becoming increasingly important for all leaders to gain expertise in technology.

If we look at healthcare as a technology industry would it change the way we look at talent?


what we do.

We deliver talent to healthcare within 3 overlapping areas

We deliver leaders with capabilities that include innovation, digital, and data expertise. Core roles include the full spectrum of chief information / chief clinical and data officers and surrounding leadership on both a permanent and interim basis.

how we work.

We work with clients to help define, assess and deliver the right balance of leadership skills for break-through performance. Understanding that, we leverage our expertise and networks as well as AI sourcing tools to further speed the search. We build on that with a structured process and assessments customized to our client’s role and culture to gain more insight into the potential fit. When innovative leaders are connected to work that’s important to them, the key to high performance is unlocked.

who we are.

We take a different view of the market based on extensive, direct industry experience. We balance that with a data driven approach and leading technology tools to sharpen and speed the search.

Our clients

range from academic medical centers to for-profit health systems, to VC backed health tech firms to innovation labs.

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clients need aligned, knowledgeable search executives who understand their business, strategy and culture.

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