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We serve nearly all segments of healthcare with a custom-designed approach that incorporates AI and other leading edge technologies to bring clients the right leadership and to build high-performing teams.

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The movie classic, “Moneyball” highlights the stark contrast between a traditional, gut-feel approach and a data-driven approach to recruiting a world class baseball team (see 1-min video). This shift in approach upended the world series and changed the game forever.

Similarly, healthcare is on the verge of a fundamental shift. The disruptive nature of digital transformation, combined with leaps in computing power, access to data, and AI create a new war for talent. Leaders with technology and data skills who can achieve goals in new ways will be needed with increasing urgency.

CastLight Search has focused on delivering innovative technology leaders for more than a dozen years. We bring extensive first-hand experience and extensive networks. We balance this with a data driven approach leading edge technology tools.

we deliver nextgen leadership solutions to our clients in 4 key areas.

These leaders know how to leverage technology to drive productivity, connectivity and engagement while creating operational efficiencies. Through innovation they aim to achieve sustainable cost control and create new revenue streams. Our search process is streamlined with access to these professionals, built with a singular focus on these skills over the past ten years.

we have built a bridge to a vast network of transformative leaders

Professionals with the skills and acumen to serve as the engine for healthcare’s digital transformation.

the value of a powerful network

Stanford Medicine
2017 Health Trends Report

“The biggest problem is that our data are not prepared in a way that allows us to even make sense of it.Once the data are readily analyzable, frankly, the majorityof the critical clinical questions can be addressed.”

- Amy Abernethy, Chief Medical Officer/Chief Scientific Officer & SVP Oncology, Flatiron Health

Given the pace of change, speed to value is key. To prevail in the renewed war for talent, new capabilities in data, analytics, and AI will be needed with increasing urgency.

Deep expertise, extensive networks, and a data-driven process elevate and speed the search. This is where our approach starts.

Given the value of a high performer, assessments are key. We work to understand what candidates are passionate about and match them to cultures where they will outperform. We do this using leading assessment tools customized to our client’s role and environment.

is the value of a high performer.
“high performing employees are 800% more productive than average talent.” - McKinsey